Example of an upgraded Hardballer.

The AMT Hardballer in Hitman: Blood Money have the ability to be customized with different items that can be bought from Agent 47's Laptop.



Upgrade Cost Effect
Low Velocity Ammo $50,000 Less recoil, less noise.
Magnum Ammo $100,000 More damage, more recoil, penetrates doors.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Large Clip $150,000 Doubled magazine capacity.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Silencer Type 1 $50,000 Less noise, less damage.
Silencer Type 2 $200,000 Least noise, less damage.
Long Slide $100,000 More precision, less recoil.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Red Dot Sight $150,000 More zoom, medium precision.
Scope Type 1 $200,000 Most zoom, most precision.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Laser Sight $75,000 More precision.
Rail Mount $75,000 Required for optics.
Extra Ammo $75,000 2 extra magazines, larger magazines.
Dual Action $100,000 Dual Hardballers, doubled reload time, more recoil.
Full Auto Fire $200,000 Highest rate-of-fire, more recoil.


  • Agent 47's Hardballers can also be upgraded in Absolution's "Contracts" mode, including more powerful ammunition, better silencers, and higher magazine capacity. However, they revert to their normal versions for story missions.

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