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The AUG SMG is a weapon found only in Hitman: Contracts.


The AUG is an Austrian bullpup .223/5.56mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1970s by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch). The AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr—"universal army rifle") was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) in 1977, where it replaced the 7.62mm StG 58 automatic rifle (a license-built FN FAL).[4] In production since 1978, it is the standard small arm of the Austrian Bundesheer and various national police units.

The rifle has also been adopted by many different armed forces such as;

  • Argentina,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Bolivia,
  • Ecuador,
  • Ireland,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Tunisia,
  • Pakistan, and
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The AUG seen in game is the AUG SMG (or AUG PARA) model, its based on AUG A1 design, uses 16 inch barrel and 9mm round instead of 5.56mm NATO round.




  • Even though this gun has a scope, the player cannot look through it.

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