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A New Life is the fifth mission in Hitman: Blood Money. Agent 47 is tasked with killing Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra, a former Cuban crime lord, and retrieving a microfilm hidden in a necklace owned by Vinnie's wife.

Mission informationEdit


We're sending you down to the other end of the state, 47. The target's a gangster by the name of Vinnie Sinistra. He's in a witness protection program pending a court appearance later this month. Our client wants to be sure Sinistra doesn't make it to the witness box. Sinistra's also got some hard evidence that can't be allowed to see the light of day. Our clients think it may be on a bit of microfilm, ensure that you retrieve it. Sinistra is extremely unstable and hasn't taken well to suburban life. They're having a birthday party for the youngest child on Sunday, and this may give you the angle you need to get in. The house is being monitored and protected by the feds, so extreme discretion is required. Tread lightly, 47.


  • Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
  • The surveillance team has an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
  • Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the garden with an air rifle.
  • Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to tranquilize wild animals!
  • Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff, but Vinnie trusts her completely.
  • Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
  • A barbecue is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable liquids!
  • Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.


  1. Kill Vinnie Sinistra.
  2. Retrieve the microfilm.
  3. Escape the suburb.



  • SLP .40 - On most guards and in a weapon stash in the house.
  • Bull .480 - Vinnie's prefered weapon.
  • Air Rifle - In the treehouse, next to Vinnie's house.
  • MP7 - In a weapon stash in the house and on most FBI agents that arrive by limo backup.
  • Nailer - In the basement.

Melee WeaponsEdit


Agent 47 eliminates Vinnie, and is able to retrieve the microfilm from Vinnie's wife.


  • Unlike in Hitman: Contracts, the Dog in this mission, who guards the direct entrance to the backyard, will not be shown on the map.
  • The FBI Agent backup will be dispatched after they discover the body of Vinnie's wife, if you create a lot of noise like detonate a RU-AP mine in the house, the backup will arrive as well.
  • This is the only mission in Blood Money that backup units arrive from the outside of the map (although some characters arrive well after the start of the level in A House of Cards). This feature is reused in some missions in Hitman: Absolution.
    • Interestingly, Vinnie's death will not trigger the backup.
  • Throwing Vinnie's wife's body over the railing and into the sewers without taking the microfilm necklace off her body will result in mission failure. The same will occur if you place her body in the garbage truck and then recycle her.
  • The back license plate of the garbage truck says "BADBLOD", either "Bad Blood" misspelled or "bad blod", which in Danish literally means "Bath Blood".
  • The garbage truck can be used to dispose dead bodies or make accident kills; curiously, the body capacity is infinite.
  • Both the license plates of the caterer's delivery vehicle says "MUNCH1", much means to eat something with a continuous and often audible action of jaws.
  • Corky the Clown often goes to his own vehicle, to have a slight 'drink'. He has a box in the back of his car, he can be sedated, or killed and placed in that very box.
  • The Air rifle you find cannot be fired, you need to find the dart in the clinic to use it, unlike the other level, the dart counts as stand-alone item and will be shown in 47's inventory.
  • Completion of this mission for the first time you will unlock the 10th and 11th slot of weapon upgrades.
  • The mission takes place on May 15, 2004.
  • The client who ordered this hit is a female, and she lost her place in the Cuban government after the hit.
  • Knocking Mrs. Sinistra out while she is in the indoor pool will result in an "accidental" kill.
  • There is a bug in the 360 HD Combo that prevents being able to throw a body over the indoor balcony. Pushing a person over is almost impossible.



  1. Hitman: ICA

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