A Vintage Year is the second mission in Hitman: Blood Money, after the tutorial, "Death of a Showman." It is situated in a vineyard in Chile.


Vineyard Guards - The men with the vests and sunglasses are the villa guards. They can be found on the outside of the villa, the wine cellar, and they have their own office to the direct left of 47 when he enters the vineyard via the front gates. They carry shotguns or SAF SMGs.

VIP Guards - The men that guard the drug lab and the villa interior. They are the men dressed with the olive green shirts and cargo pants. They carry SAF SMGs.

Manuel Delgado - The son of Don Fernando Delgado and heir to the Don's empire. He is one of the two targets, and is dressed in a pink polo shirt and white pants. He carries a TMP.

Don Fernando Delgado - The owner of the vineyard and one of your two targets. He is dressed in a white suit, and carries a Snub Nosed Revolver.

Kill the Delgados

Fernando Delgado

Agent 47 will start out in front of the villa. Head around the complex to the right, passing the patrolling guard. Towards the back corner of the complex there will be a door into a small area filled with barrels and crates. A vineyard worker will be there more likely than not, but he should leave the area moments after you enter. Climb up the pile of crates opposite the doorway you entered and you find yourself in the back yard of the mansion. Wait for the patrolling guard to enter the house and climb up the drainpipe on the wall to the broken balcony. Take the door on the left down the stairs to the ground floor. Pick the lock and you will be in a bedroom with a sleeping guard. A VIP guard sits on the chair near the door, a perfect outfit for this mission as it allows you complete access to the villa. There's also an SMG on the table along with plenty of ammo. Make sure you sneak around the room so you don't wake the guard until you've gotten the outfit.

There's not much on the ground floor of the house, except for a kitchen knife in the banquet room and flight of stairs that leads to the underground drug facility. Fernando Delgado is up on the second floor of the house. He wanders between the music room and the sitting room. There is a glass of wine in the sitting room that you can poison, but the body will be discovered by the guard resting on the couch. It's much easier to attack him in the music room. He sits down in a chair by the balcony and picks up his cello, leaving him fully open for a sneak attack. Garrote or kill him in any way. You can throw his body over the railing, although this could lead to it being discovered, if you leave the body in the music room, the body will never be detected. go up the stairs the next room on the left ender and creep up on him

Manuel Delgado

With the father out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to Manuel Delgado. He's easily spotted in crowds, thanks to his bright pink shirt. He has pretty set movements as well. He meets the celebrity agent in the villa courtyard, takes him downstairs for a deal in an alcove at the bottom of the stairs, then gives him a tour of the drug facilities. Once the tour is completed, Manuel goes into a side room and does a few lines of coke off the table.

Manuel can be eliminated a couple different ways. One of the most interesting is an accident involving some precariously-suspended barrels. There is a winch by the double doors when you first enter the wine-making facility. You can place an RU-AP mine near this winch, although you'll have to keep an eye out for the patrolling guard. When Manuel goes into the alcove under the stairs for the deal, he kneels down to tie his shoe. This provides a perfect opportunity to set off the bomb. Note that using the bomb can kill any untold number of extra people, from the patrolling guard to a nearby tourist group, and the explosion will most likely attract anyone nearby to investigate.

There is a much easier way to take Manuel out. He frequently goes into the side room to do another line (the room with a box of shotgun shells). Hide behind the wall of wine barrels and wait for him to head for the door. Immediately come up behind him and knock him out or kill him. This move relies on timing and finesse, so it's highly recommended you save before you do it. Drag Manuel's body into the container behind you and drop him in (shoot him if you haven't already dispatched of him). If you want to kill him at the first place, carefully follow him into the room, kill him before he walk in to the guards sights. These methods are usually very quiet, unless you shoot him with an unsuppressed gun. You can also use the Coin to lure Manuel near the nearby box and kill him with the Fiber Wire, and then hide the body in the box.

Another way to take him out is probably the fastest way to kill a target, but it will make you change up your kill schedule. As soon as you enter the mission, enter the gate and follow Manuel in through the doors. As soon as he enters, drop a coin and run like fury to the cliff overlook on the side of the facility. Position yourself looking into the forest right next to the fence, and when he starts his "You need to get away from here" thing, move to his side and push him off the cliff.

With both Delgados dead, it's time to make your escape. This can only be done by getting to the seaplane in the hangar. Being dressed in the VIP guard outfit makes this part a snap. Gain access to the drug lab, either through the staircase from the ground floor of the house, or through the secret doorway in one of the large wine barrels in the circular room. The elevator is at the other end of the drug lab. Take it down to the hangar and walk along the dock until you get to the seaplane. Escaping with a suit is extremely difficult without killing or knocking out anyone at the hangar.

           An additional way to escape with the suit is to head to the far left of the compound, outside the walls. There will be a guard patrolling here but so long as you don't do anything suspicious you should be fine. Go to the edge of the cliff overlooking the river and turn right. There will be a trail running all the way down the mountain to the dock where sits the sea plane. You'll have to sneak past the VIP guard and possibly a worker here. Do not worry about the second VIP guard next to the plane, as he is asleep.

Alternate Walkthrough

Get a disguise

At the beginning, follow the guard going to your right. Don't go too close to him, but don't be too far away either. After you both turn the corner, take out your sedative and sedate him. Take his clothes, but not the shotgun. Now go back to the front gate and enter the compound.

Kill Manuel Delgado

Enter the double doors to the wine cellar and close them. Check your map and wait till Manuel starts moving. Now go forward and disturb the guard. He will go down the stairs. Wait for him to go a little way down and plant the RU-AP mine. Now take the detonator in hand and wait for Manuel to start walking towards the area below the barrels. Now go to the front of the doors and click the detonator. Quickly holster it and open the door and run out just as the bomb explodes. Manuel will be crushed by barrels. Now, if you didn't have it earlier, you can go down to Manuel's body, take and holster the TMP and get back out again.

Kill Don Fernando Delgado

After exiting the double doors, go right and straight past the hacienda. In the corner, there is a drain pipe. Check that nobody is watching you and climb it. When you are at the level of the slanting roof, go left onto it and quickly turn the corner before you are spotted. Now enter the window on the right quickly - the guard below may spot you. Ahead to your left is Don Fernando. Sneak up to him, kill him, take the Snub Nosed Revolver and leave him there - his body won't be found. If you want the SAF SMG, go to the next room. A VIP guard will be sleeping on the sofa. Sedate him and take his SAF SMG. Otherwise, you could sneak to any weapons depot in the hacienda and pick it up.


Now get out through the window and wait for the guard below to pass you - one way or the other. Now drop behind him and run all the way to where you sedated the first guard. Take the suit and go back to the other side. There is a gap in the fence on your right. Go through it without being noticed and run all the way down to the hangar. Walk past the smoking worker, push the VIP guard over the edge and run to the sea plane and escape. The other VIP guard is sleeping, leave him alone.

[NOTE: It is rather difficult to smuggle the shotgun out. So if you want the shotgun in your hideout, you can kill everyone in the previous level and leave the shotgun in the ICA crate outside Scoop's room. This won't affect your notoriety or make you lose money.]

Kill Summary

Two deaths, one (possibly two) knockouts. 0 witnesses.


A Vintage Year by AuzzieGamer05:56

A Vintage Year by AuzzieGamer

Vintage Year Speedrun 1 48 by Captain47z02:17

Vintage Year Speedrun 1 48 by Captain47z


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