Adeze Oijofor (also known as "The Warlord" and "Nne Obara") is the 20th elusive target in HITMAN™. She appeared in the mission Club 27.


Adeze Oijofor, operating under the nom de guerre "Nne Obara", is a bloody-handed warlord who controls a sizable chunk of the rare earth trade in East Africa. Over a past sixteen months, a French telecoms company has been making aggressive inroads in areas she control, with some success.

ICA information indicates that the target has withdrawn her paramilitaries to neighboring nations, as a part of a Fabian strategy. Her security is handled by a former Vlakplaas veteran, with whom we believe Oijofor has more than a professional relationship. Although, information to this effect is circumstantial at best.

Her weakest link is her son, Kalu Oijofor. His education at Oxford and connections with the UK have allowed the ICA to track her to her current location in Bangkok. Neither the son nor the security chief are targets, however.

It seems highly likely that Oijofor will have a very sizable paramilitary unit either at the hotel or very close by.



  • Due to Oijofor being resident at the hotel for a month and her awareness of being targeted, she acts as a "Super-Enforcer", seeing through every disguise, except for the Suit.
  • There's an opportunity where 47 can disguise as a waiter and mix a "Bloody Mary" for Oijofor.
  • Oijofor doesn't approve of her son's relationaship with a schoolmate named Sarah.
  • An officer constantly checks the safe that contains the USB. If 47 has stolen the USB, the officer will be alerted by the empty safe and "Target Lockdown" will be triggered.
  • A machete owned by her can be found inside her suite, it is also an unlock of Bangkok mastery.