The Agency Dynamics CPW is a submachine gun commonly used by ICA Operatives and The Saints.


"The Dynamics CPW was originally designed as a backup weapon. Its modular design and light caliber makes it a flexible, adaptable weapon that can be dual-wielded."

Based upon the real-world Compact Personal Weapon (CPW) manufactured by ST Kinetics of Singapore as a Personal Defense Weapon, it was initially chambered in 9mm with additional versions chambered for 5.7mm and 4.6mm. Sporting a 30-round magazine, the CPW is classified as an SMG with selective-fire capability built-in, supporting single-shot as well as fully-automatic fire.


The Agency Dynamics CPW is customizable, and can be fitted with any three of the following upgrades simultaneously:

  • Silencer - Decreases noise, but also decreases accuracy and the range at which the weapon deals maximum damage. Each upgrade level weakens the accuracy decrease, but not the damage range decrease.
  • Extended Clip - Five extra rounds per clip for each upgrade level.
  • Extra Clip - One extra clip for each upgrade level.
  • Magnum Ammo - Increases base damage and the range at which the weapon deals maximum damage, but decreases accuracy. Each upgrade level strengthens the base damage and damage range increases.
  • Speed Chute - Increases reload speed. Each upgrade level strengthens the reload speed increase.
  • Red Dot Sight - Increase accuracy. Each upgrade level strengthens the accuracy increase.
  • Dual Wielding - Flat upgrade (one upgrade level). Enables toggling between single and dual wielding.

The upgrades that you apply to your Agency Dynamics CPW carry over to all copies of the Agency Dynamics CPW that you find in Contracts mode missions. You do not have to take your own Agency Dynamics CPW to a contract; you can pick up an Agency Dynamics CPW copy found in the mission and any upgrades you have installed for your Agency Dynamics CPW will be applied to the copy.


Hitman: Absolution




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