Agency Gun Pack DLC
Agency Gun Pack DLC

The Agency Gun Pack DLC was made available to those who purchased the Professional Edition of Hitman: Absolution.


This DLC provides Agent 47 with three weapons and all of their attachments. These weapons may be used in Contracts Mode.

Excluding the Agency HX UMP, the other two weapons are available by playing through the campaign missions and picking them up. The DLC simply allowed early access.


The guns included in this DLC have since been made available for purchase individually through the PlayStation Store for $0.99 each, PC (Steam) for $0.99 each, and Xbox Live Marketplace for 80 MSP each.


  • The Agency HX UMP is included in the DLC, but the advertisement wrongly depicts the Agency Dynamics CPW.
  • All of the Agency weapons can also be found in the game in the mission Attack of the Saints, though they are apparently not customized, making the Agency features purely cosmetic.

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