The Agency SPS 12 is a shotgun used by ICA agents. It is also a part of the Agency Gun Pack DLC available to those who purchased the Professional Edition of the game. The gun has since been made available for purchase separately through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), and Steam ($0.99) as a DLC.


"A brutal semi-automatic shotgun that can be modified to fit a variety of tactical roles, making it a good choice for operations where discretion is unimportant."

Based upon the real-world Franchi SPAS-12, it is a dual-mode combat shotgun (which means it can be set for semi-automatic fire or pump-action). While the real-world version holds 8 standard 12-Gauge rounds plus one in the barrel, in the game it can only hold six rounds. The customized Agency SPS 12 is only usable in Contracts mode.


The Agency SPS 12 is customizable, and can be fitted with any three of the following upgrades simultaneously:

  • Extra Clip - One extra clip for each upgrade level.
  • Flechette Shells - Increases accuracy, but decreases damage. Each upgrade level strengthens the accuracy increase.
  • Modified Stock - Increases accuracy. Each upgrade level strengthens the accuracy increase.
  • Red Dot Sight - Increases accuracy. Each upgrade level strengthens the accuracy increase.
  • Extended Clip - Two extra rounds per clip for each upgrade level.

The upgrades that you apply to your Agency SPS 12 carry over to all copies of the Agency SPS 12 that you find in Contracts mode missions. You do not have to take your own Agency SPS 12 to a contract; you can pick up an Agency SPS 12 copy found in the mission and any upgrades you installed for your Agency SPS 12 will be applied to the copy.


Hitman: Absolution

  • Attack of the Saints: Carried by ICA agents, or near the supply crates.
  • Absolution: In the cemetery entrance, near the beginning next to the window in the mausoleum.


  • SPS 12: Virtually identical to the Agency variant; not customizable, and it cannot be used in Contracts mode.



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