The Agency Swiss 3000 is the weapon of choice of ICA Agent Jade Nguyen.


"Swiss 3000 pistols offer an unparalleled combination of craftsmanship and reliability combined with stylish design."

The is based upon the real-world Sphinx 3000 Series match pistol manufactured by Sphinx Systems Limited of Switzerland. The pistol is an advanced design and interpretation of the Czech Arms Model CZ-75, which was originally created as a military and police service weapon.

While being an Agency weapon, it cannot be customized in any way. It's also unique and can only be picked up after killing Jade. Like Travis' Swiss 3000, the Agency Swiss 3000 has ICA mark on it.



  • Swiss 3000 - Dual toned base variant.
  • Travis' Swiss 3000 - Earth colored slide and frame, gun-metal gray iron sights and safety mechanism, and a yellow handle. On the frame below the slide is a triangular ICA emblem. Carried by Benjamin Travis.



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