Peaman air rifle, or simply "Air Rifle", is a simple wooden rifle with a long black barrel and a unique scope. It fires anesthetic darts so doesn't kill a target when fired upon.


It appears in the mission 'A New Life' in a tree house. Ammunition for the rifle can be found in the veterinarian's office opposite Vinnie Sinistra's house.


The only way to kill without poisoning the darts using this rifle is to ensure the target is near or in a body of water, if the target is sedated and drowns immediately, the kill is counted against the player. Shooting civilians or guards also increases the shots fired stats, ruining a Silent Assassin rating.

NPCs fired on do not lose consciousness immediately (the effect is similar to sedative syringe poisoned drink) and more often than not look in the direction of the shot; if the player is seen with rifle the NPC counts as a witness. If a sedated NPC is discovered he is usually woken up by other NPCs. The post-mission newspaper still reports the sedatee as admitted to a hospital in a serious condition. The animals like dogs are the primary targets of this rifle, it will make sure they won't alert their masters.

Due to the game mechanics giving the player only one loaded magazine and two spares, bringing this on a mission will result in the player getting three darts (1/2) for it. Except in A New Life mission, you can have maximum of 15 darts.



  • It is based on a Beeman break barrel air rifle.
  • The name Peaman isn't listed in the inventory view. However, if the player selects this rifle before a mission, it will be shown during the ICA Container notification.
  • The weapon is classified as a key item in the pre-mission inventory.
  • Along with the Desert Eagle, the Air Rifle is one of the two weapons that does not has any spare ammunition in the hideout. This is because the weapon uses mission specific tranquilizer darts.
  • If the player's cover is blown, and the rifle were to be dropped, NPC's will pick it up, like any firearm, and attempt to use it against 47. The Air Rifle will neither damages nor sedates the player, although it will leave bloodstains.
  • It cannot be concealed and when brought during a mission, it will be placed in an ICA crate. It can be concealed using the detonator glitch, however.
  • Despite being a harmless air gun, it does alarm the NPCs that see the player with it.
  • This weapon's intended use was to sedate the dog in it's original mission.
  • The suppression effect of this weapon is similar to the Level 1 silencers, available for the custom weapons set. NPCs in the same room are alerted by the sound but not any further.

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