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Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani or Al-Fulani is a Moroccan businessman with a clean, philanthropic public image. But in reality, Al-Fulani is a drug lord who is also heavily involved in a child prostitution ring. He is the main target of 47 in the book Enemy Within.


He is described as large in size, having a broad forehead, heavy brows and a prominent nose, normally wearing a business suit but sometimes a prince-like robe on hotter days.


The public knows him as a successful businessman, beloved philanthropist funding several orphanages and a fellow devout Muslim. He has two wives, mansions in Fez and on the countryside, and despite having no formal education he is well-read.

In reality, his wealth comes from a drug ring he inherited from his father, which smuggled tons of marijuana into Europe, as well as a child prostitution ring fronted by his orphanages. The brothels include enslaved children of both sexes from Africa, and Al-Fulani personally has sex with the girls. International drug cartels wanted to buy him out, but he refused and even had several of their top members killed when negotiations soured. He is a board member of Puissance Treize, a French contract killing agency rivaling the International Contract Agency. He employed their assassin, Marla Norton as a bodyguard, also having slept with her.

He is initially aware of 47's intent to kill him, which is why he hired Marla and increased his security team. As 47 comes closer to killing him, he flees with Marla and a security entourage across Chad, stopping on the way to purchase more juvenile sex slaves. 47 eventually corners him in Quadi-Doum, Chad before he was to leave on a flight. The assassin interrogates him (to learn that Aristotle Thorakis is the ICA's mole) before equipping the child slaves with knives to torture and kill him.

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