Alvaro D'Alvade (called Philippe Berceuse in Hitman: Contracts, see below) is a target in the mission Curtains Down.

He also appears in the mission briefing of Hunter and Hunted in Hitman: Contracts, a mission chronologically set directly after Curtains Down, but since he has been killed, the objective is marked completed on the start of the level.


He is considered one of the world's greatest opera singers, but also highly controversial and blacklisted by some operas. He has a big temper, is never satisfied with his fellow actors, and is strongly rumored to be a pedophile targeting children of both sexes.

He was once charged with the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. The charges were dropped after the girl refused to testify and subsequently disappeared. Although D'Alvade was suspected of her murder, her body was later found and her death ruled a suicide.

US ambassador Richard Delahunt is his biggest fan and implied lover, and in secret D'Alvade is a best customer of Delahunt's child prostitution ring. 47 is paid to kill D'Alvade and Delahunt at the Paris Opera House, while D'Alvade was rehearsing for Tosca. It is stated by different sources that he is Italian.

Hitman: Contracts

In Hitman: Contracts his name was Philippe Berceuse. Blood Money was made later and might overrule the previous game in continuity.


A picture of him is seen in the tornado shelter on the private militia training site in Colorado in the mission Freedom Fighters, so the Shadow Client knows about his assassination in 2004.


Alvaro D'Alvade - Tosca

Alvaro D'Alvade - Tosca



  • In Tosca, D'Alvade's character Cavaradossi attempts to fake his death to flee the country with Tosca, which fails when the executioner's fake gun is exchanged for a real one. As Cavaradossi dies, Tosca exclaims "what an actor!" before hurrying to Cavaradossi's body and discovering in shock that he is really dead. The incredible irony is that if the player chooses to replace the fake gun with the real one, the events unfold like a story within a story with Delahunt as Tosca.
  • D'Alvade and Delahunt met their deaths on March 17, 2004.
  • Constantly throughout the mission, a box will appear on the screen showing the death scene, telling the player that the scene has been executed and the play is about to end. This happens regardless of whether the pistols have been switched or not, and can be used as an indicator of when D'alvade is about to return to his dressing room with the other actors, or (if the player has switched the pistols) that the death scene has been played out and D'alvade is dead.