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Method 1 (Car Bomb)





After the mission has started, go to the front of the restaurant. Wait for the limousine, then wait for the chauffeur to go to the back. Follow him. Wait for a brown-clothed civilian to pass, then kill the chauffeur with Oyabun knife. Take his clothes (you may take his Beretta .92 if you want, but it is useless) and drop his body into the sewer. Go back to the limo, take out the car bomb and direct your cursor to the driver's seat (the front left door) until the "Place bomb" menu pops up. It may not be click-able if the blue triad guarding the limo is around you, so wait for him to go, then place the bomb. Change back into your suit, because the Blue Lotus member near the car may identify you as an impostor. Now, go to the rendezvous point. Take out the detonator and wait for the limo to pass the area with the three blue triad members, then use the detonator to bomb all of them. Return to the rendezvous point.
That's it! Mission complete. Good job, 47.

[Note: As a challenge, start with only the Obayun knife and car bomb and detonator and complete the mission. In this case, if you mess up, you have a greater chance of dying.]


Mission reward: $12000
Expenses: $3065

Income: $8935

Video Guide

Hitman- Codename 47 -3 - Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant -Walkthrough PC HD-

Hitman- Codename 47 -3 - Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant -Walkthrough PC HD-

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