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Amendment XXV
Amendment XXV Loading Screen
In-game information
Targets: Daniel Morris
Mark Parchezzi III
VIPs: None
Location: White House, Washington, D.C., USA
Chronological information
Preceded by: A Dance with the Devil
Succeeded by: Requiem
Real-world information
Game: Hitman: Blood Money
Small Hitman Emblem There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

Amendment XXV is the 12th and penultimate mission in Hitman: Blood Money. Agent 47 was tasked with the assassination of the American Vice-President Daniel Morris, who was working with The Franchise's notorious assassin Mark Parchezzi III, to eliminate the President of the United States, Tom Stewart.


  • Daniel Morris
  • Mark Parchezzi III.

Mission informationEdit


Listen up, 47. The President of the United States is about to be assassinated. You'd expect the CIA, FBI, or Secret Service to prevent the assassination, but we can't rely on them. We can't rely on them because the man behind the assassination is the acting Vice-President. The same shadowy group that had him appointed to the Vice-Presidency wants to put him into the Oval Office. They've got pull at every domestic agency. The assassins are probably already in position. In the White House. Unless you can stop them, the President will almost certainly be assassinated as soon as he returns from Los Angeles. Your target is the notorious assassin Mark Parchezzi III and the Vice-President himself.


Ingame view of Mark P 3

Agent 47 targeting Parchezzi through his sniper scope.

  • The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by metal detectors.
  • Any confiscated weapon at the museum entrance will be stored away in security.
  • The White House is surrounded by an iron gate which varies in height.
  • Guards will respond if the laser alarm system is triggered in the museum.
  • The First Lady has a dog which is regularly taken out for a walk.
  • The Oval Office has been a setting for many historical meetings.
  • Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for renovating purposes.


  1. Kill Mark Parchezzi III.
  2. Kill Daniel Morris.
  3. Escape the White House.



  • SLP .40 - On some marines and FBI Agents and in the surveillance room.
  • M14 - On most marines and in the guard quarters in the east wing.
  • Desert Eagle - On Daniel Morris, or the guard room with a secret service (or the FBI Agents) outfit in west wing (2nd floor).
  • MP5 - On some FBI Agents, more can be found in west wing guard room.
  • Nailer - Carried by one of the carpenters on the top floor of the central wing.
  • Custom 1911 - Carried by Mark Parchezzi III.

Melee WeaponsEdit



Agent 47 assassinated Vice-President Daniel Morris along with Mark Parchezzi III before the President was liquidated, wounding The Franchise extensively through their fatalities.


  • The 25th Amendment concerns presidential succession. It is doubly appropriate for this mission since it concerns both the vice-president's ability to succeed a fallen president (Daniel Morris's plan) and the president's ability to replace a fallen vice-president (47's mission).
  • 47 can put his sniper rifle case (if the foil-padded upgrade has been acquired) through the conveyor belt and the X-Ray won't be able to tell what is inside, which is useful if you intend to snipe your targets. If you have not upgraded the briefcase yet, the guards will see what's inside and fire at you.
  • The briefing for this mission (and the contract) is given by Agent Smith, as Diana has seemingly fled and lost contact with 47. This is the only mission in Blood Money where 47 is briefed by someone else.
  • If the First Lady is killed, she is mentioned in the newspaper story as an innocent bystander, in the wrong place at the wrong time, rather than an additional target.
  • Regardless of the player's rating, the newspaper after the mission will claim the assassin has been killed. 47 still appears in the next cutscene.
  • The mission takes place on September 22, 2005.
  • The airline 47 flies with in the cut-scene before the mission is called IO Airways, a reference to IO Interactive, the company that developed the game.
  • Throwing an object through the walk-through scanner will cause every guard who sees it to fire on 47, even if it is only a coin.
  • In the courtyard leading to the West Wing, if the player coming from the main building, then moves into the back left corner and moves the camera to face toward the main building, floating trees can be seen beyond the hedge.
  • Some signs inside the White House have humorous messages as Easter Eggs, such as "Department of Stuff" and "Monkeycage".
  • The ringtone on Daniel Morris' mobile phone in the opening cutscene is the Hitman: Blood Money theme tune.

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