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Anathema is the second mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It is 47's first mission after he returns from his retirement. After realising his friend, Father Emilio Vittorio, was taken hostage by Giuseppe Guillani, 47 tracks him down in an attempt to save the priest.


  • Giuseppe Guillani

Mission BriefingEdit

47 — This is Diana from Agency. We're all happy you're back doing business for us.
This mutual arrangement we made to rescue your friend and mentor Father Vittorio means you will have to take care of a number of mafia members residing at the Villa Borghese, where he is kept hostage in the basement.
Prime target is Don Guillani. Security is not exactly lax — plenty of guards roaming the mansion compound. However, don't expect to free Vittorio just like that.
The Don is running a tight ship, and if alarmed he will probably kill the hostage and escape.
They are used to people coming to pay respect, ransoms or bribes - but they are alerted by unusual activities. Check out the map we have of the grounds. Buena Fortuna, 47!





  • Bodyguard - Useless as everyone can see through it.
  • Delivery Boy - Useful to hide your weapons in one of the crates and get it inside the mansion.
  • Postman - Can be used to get inside the mansion, but will be frisked at the gate.


  • Anathema means "curse" in Greek.
  • Unlike most missions, this one is requested specifically by 47 himself to save his friend, Father Vittorio.
  • This is the first mission in which an objective is cancelled.
  • Early in the mission, 47 encounters a guard urinating against a wall. The character model of the guard is actually holding one of his fingers with his other hand, to give the amusing illusion of the model having a penis.
  • In the pre-release version of the game, the Don's brother, who wears a white shirt and black tie in the full version, wore a greenish shirt instead of the white one.



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Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Anathema


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