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Anathema is the second mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It is the first real mission of the game, where Agent 47 comes out of retirement to save his mentor Father Emilio Vittorio.


  • Giuseppe Guillani

Description Edit

Anathema takes place in Sicily, Italy, at the Villa Borghese. It is owned by Sicilian Mafia boss Giuseppe Guillani, and is the living quarters for him, his son and his brother. It also houses multiple bodyguards.

The Villa Borghese contains multiple rooms, along with multiple NPC's carrying weapons. The level contains bodyguards, multiple firearms, and two delivery men, one donating flowers, and one carrying in groceries. At the beginning of the level, Giuseppe Guillani can be seen hitting golf-balls into the air, and afterwards a guard will walk outside to urinate.

Mission Briefing Edit

The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

47 — This is Diana from Agency. We're all happy you're back doing business for us.

This mutual arrangement we made to rescue your friend and mentor Father Vittorio means you will have to take care of a number of mafia members residing at the Villa Borghese, where he is kept hostage in the basement.

Prime target is Giuseppe Guillani. Security is not exactly lax — plenty of guards roaming the mansion compound. However, don't expect to free Vittorio just like that.

The Don is running a tight ship, and if alarmed he will probably kill the hostage and escape.

They are used to people coming to pay respect, ransoms or bribes - but they are alerted by unusual activities, check out the map we have of the grounds.

Buena Fortuna, 47!

Diana Burnwood

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Giuseppe Guillani.
  • Take key to prison cell from Don Guillani.
  • Rescue Vittorio in the basement.
  • Escape

Weapons Edit

Disguises Edit

  • Bodyguard - Found everywhere throughout the grounds.
  • Delivery Boy - The player can hold weapons inside the food crate.
  • Postman - Can be used to get inside the mansion, but will be frisked at the gate.


  • "Anathema", when translated from Greek to English, means "Curse".
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