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Andrew Chiseler is an attorney sent by Joseph Clarence's wife, sent to Southland Amusement Park to force Joseph Clarence to sign divorce papers.


Amusement Park capture

On behalf of Joseph Clarence's soon to be ex-wife, Andrew visited the abandoned amusement park to make Joseph sign a divorce paper and give her money which by law, she was entitled to. An African-American gangster shot Andrew in his car and dragged the wounded body all the way to a derelict building, where he was tortured and strapped to a kids ride.


He is a white male with short black hair. He wears a black suit, a black tie and brown shoes. His eye colour is in dispute as he is seen blindfolded. Blood is seen in his shirt because of the result of the torture.



  • "Chiseler" is sometimes used as slang for "con artist" or "swindler", possibly a cynical reference to Chiseler being a lawyer.
  • The player can choose to save Chiseler.
  • After the player saves Chiseler he yells "Help! Help me! Help! Help me!" repeatedly.
  • If one decides not to kill the gangster, he will pour gasoline on Andrew and set him on fire.