Anthony Fizano, also known as Fizano, is a police officer who works with Sergeant Meyer, a Police Officer assigned to investigate the 'killer' of a maid at the Terminus Hotel.


Fizano was a rookie who was recruited into the force recently. He was put on the case of the murder of a maid in the Terminus Hotel (in which Agent 47 was framed by Blake Dexter), with Sergeant Meyer.


He can be heard murmuring that Meyer is 'just like my mom', which suggests that he dislikes Meyer. He is not familiar with electronics as he can be seen taking a very long time to repair the circuits in the Chicago Library under Meyer's orders.


  • Outside the game, Fizano gained fame as his kill rate was very big in Contracts Mode.
  • The player can either hold him as a human shield to complete a challenge or let him go if he pleases.


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