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Aristotle Thorakis is a character in Hitman: Enemy Within. He is a Greek shipping magnate and a board member of the Agency, who betrays it in order to borrow money from Puissance Treize. He is the main antagonist of the book.


Being a shipping magnate, Thorakis provides transportation and logistics for the Agency. 47 had performed at least two assassinations to benefit Thorakis - one of Jose Alvarez, a business rival who drowned in his pool (ironically, Alvarez was a former Olympic swimmer) and another of one Countess Maria Sarkov, who referred to Thorakis' wife as an "ugly pig" in a society column and was hit by a tuck a week later. In a conversation, it's also mentioned that a journalist who wrote a story about Thorakis' company dumping toxic waste illegally, Harry Meyers, surprisingly killed himself only two days before his wedding; it's implied that Thorakis had him killed in revenge. It is shown near the end of the book that Thorakis is the subject of several gossip magazines, which report on his frequent retreats to Sintra, Portugal with his mistress, an Ethiopian model named "Miss Desta". After identifying him as the Agency's leak, 47 kills Thorakis by contaminating his mistress' salad with peanut oil, causing Thorakis to suffer an allergic reaction and die.


  • His homes include a penthouse in Athens, the Greek countryside estate Kolomata, a vacation home in Sintra, Portugal, and the superyacht Perseus.

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