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Arsenal ar

The Arsenal AR is one of the most commonly seen assault rifles in the Hitman movie.


One of the most commonly seen assault rifles in the movie is the Bulgarian-manufactured Arsenal AR, along with its folding-stock version, the AR-F. These are the AK-47 type rifles that are used by the Russian Alpha commandos and seen on the table and walls in Udre Belicoff's palace. Agent 47 himself also briefly uses a heavily kitted-out Arsenal AR at Udre's place during the big shootout. The AR is a modernized version of the original AK-47 which features the same milled receiver of the older rifle, but with black synthetic furniture and several other improvements. Because Hitman was filmed mostly in Bulgaria, it makes sense that the Bulgarian armorers who worked on the movie would have had easy access to weapons made in their own country, hence the frequent use of these rifles.

Interestingly, all of the Bulgarian AR rifles in the movie seem to be fitted with East German-style blank-firing adapters (BFAs) on the muzzles, which are clearly visible in all of the screencaps below.


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