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Arsenal shipka

The first weapon that Udre Belicoff (Henry Ian Cusack) shows off to his clients is a Bulgarian Arsenal Shipka submachine gun, which fires the same 9x18mm ammunition as the Makarov. However, he erroneously calls it a Kedr 9mm compact, referring to the Russian-made Kedr PP-91. Udre misidentifies this weapon amongst other odd remarks indicating that he knows little about the weapons that he sells. Agent 47 remarks that it's actually a Chinese copy, but in reality, the Chinese do not manufacture a copy of the PP-91, however Agent 47 misrepresents the gun intentionally, (a) to keep Udre Bellicoff from shooting a crying girl in the eye with a Makarov Pistol and (b) to enrage him so that he takes a shot at Agent 47, thus creating the chaos needed for Agent 47 to strike.

A close inspection reveals that the gun they both handle is most definitely a Shipka and not a Kedr PP-91. Pictures of both weapon types are shown below for comparison.


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