Asylum Patients are patients that resided within Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer's Asylum. It is assumed they were transferred to another asylum, once the SWAT teams had liberated the area of the staff.


Hitman: Codename 47

The patients can only be seen during the mission The Setup. All of the patients found at the asylum are seen walking around the hallways aimlessly.

In order to cure Agent Smith when found drugged, Agent 47 had to run a series of fetch jobs, where he must acquire a rubber duck, a toy teddy bear, and a book. Once those items were delivered, Agent 47 acquired the location of the cure that would help ease Smith out of his drug-like state. This allowed Smith to help 47 into the asylum's basement, to confront Ort-Meyer.

Hitman: Contracts

The patients can also be seen during the mission Asylum Aftermath, and again can be found walking aimlessly in the basement of the asylum. Agent 47 could kill them, and use their disguise to avoid being attacked by the SWAT teams, but as such isn't advised, as carrying a weapon or trying to leave the asylum will cause the SWAT teams to grow hostile, and attack.


  • The fetch job for the rubber duck, apparently, became an inside joke at Io-Interactive, the developers of Hitman: Codename 47. In turn, the rubber duck was re-added into the latest entry of the series as a deadly explosive, in three variants.
    • The rubber duck was also an unused item in Hitman: Contracts, and can only be accessed by the "GiveAll" cheat code. The item was most likely used for debugging.

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