Given below is a list of awards and nominations received by the Hitman series.

Hitman: Codename 47

BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards

Nominated - Best PC Game

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

D.I.C.E. Video Game Awards

Nominated - Console Action/Adventure Game

Hitman: Contracts

BAFTA Games Awards

Won - Best Original Soundtrack

Hitman: Blood Money

BAFTA Games Awards

Nominated - Best Game

Gamespot's Best and Worst Awards

Nominated - Best Original Soundtrack

Hitman: Absolution

XGN Game Awards

Won - Game of the Year

The Game Effect Awards

Won - Most Atmospheric Game

Won - Best Overall Game

Gamespot Gaming Awards

Won - Best Action/Adventure Game

Won - Best PC Game

Won - Best PS3 Game

Won - Best Xbox 360 Game

Won - Best Overall Game

D.I.C.E. Awards

Nominated - Action Game of the Year 


XGN Awards: GotY to Hitman Absolution

Nominated - Outstanding achievment in animation

Nominated - Outstanding achievment in Visual engineering


Nominated - Best Action Game

Game Informer 2012

One of top 50 games of 2012

Official Xbox Magazine Awards 2012

Nominated - Best Action/Adventure Game

Nominated - Best Shooter


Rank 28 Awards

Rank 8 on PC

Bronze medal - Best Stealth Action game of 2012



E3 2011's Hitman Absolution

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