Barbara Bernad was a lead animator at IO Interactive's Hitman video game series and a voice actress on both Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, USA, where she works as the lead cinematic Animation Producer at Maverick Media.


From an early age Bernad showed a keen interest in the visual arts and photography. In 1990, she enrolled in the Secondary School of Visual Arts Hungary (1990 – 1994) where she graduated with honors.

Following this Bernad graduated with a distinction from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (1994 – 1999) with a MA, Visual Communication Art. During the final years of her study at Moholy-Nagy University, Bernad enrolled in advanced 3D animation classes at the prestigious The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Danmarks Designskole:1998 – 2000), in Denmark, again graduating top of her class.

Role at IO Interactive

Voice Acting

  • Hitman: Contracts, various voices
  • Hitman: Blood Money, various voices


  • Trailer Animation Producer at Maverick Media
  • Lead Animator at UTV Ignition Entertainment
  • Lead Animator at Crytek
  • Lead Animator at IO Interactive A/S
  • Co-Owner at Studio Sokk


  • Bernad is considered to be one of the gaming industry’s most influential examples of women in the gaming industry, and she has been invited to speak at numerous conferences about the emerging roles of women in a predominantly male orientated discipline. [1]
  • Bernad has been widely recognized as being especially skilled in the following areas; 3D animation, photography, Motionbuilder, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Premiere, After Effects, Facial Animation and cinematics. [2]

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