Bartholomew ArgusĀ (also known as "The Badboy") is the 24thĀ elusive targetĀ inĀ HITMANā„¢. He appeared in the missionĀ The IconĀ from May 5thĀ to May 16th,Ā 2017.


Bartholomew Argus is a celebrity in hiding. Six months ago he was stopped by the London Metropolitian Police in a routine investigation, together with infamous London gangster Tommy "The Hammer" Stoakes. The police discovered weapons and controlled substances in the vehicle and took Argus and Stoakes into custody.

Argus successfully argued, and subsequently testified that he knew nothing of this, and Tommy Stoakes was sentenced to ten years in prison. The client indicates that the weapons and narcotics belonged to Argus, an infamous gangster poseur, and that he successfully shifted the blame to his childhood friend Tommy Stoakes to avoid a prison sentence.


  • During the mission, Argus will be playing Kane and Lynch on a sofa in the gelato shop. There are three ways to make Argus leave the sofa:
    • Destroying the TV Argus is playing on will make him wander around the gelato shop.
    • Destroying Argus' car, located at the entrance and surrounded by two bodyguards, will make Argus come and investigate.
    • If the Q&A session is triggered, Argus will join in with Dino Bosco.
  • It is assumed that Tommy Stoakes is the client for this contract, as hinted through Argus' manager's dialogue.
  • The target appears to be regretted about his betrayal to Tommy Stoakes.