The Baseball Bat is a wooden bat used for the game Baseball.


Hitman: Blood Money

      "SLUGGER Baseball Bat - The perfect hit"

It is a wooden, hard bat that can be used for silent kills away from other NPC's.

It has only one execution movement in which Agent 47 strikes the bat at the target's head, and then finish off by hitting them on the cranium.

Hitman: Absolution

"A wooden baseball bat."

The baseball bat functions like many other melee weapons. It can be swung into the head of a target, head-on. Against an unsuspecting target from behind, it can be used to strangle them. Alternatively, it may be thrown and used as a distraction.


Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Absolution


  • Freedom Fighers: Found inside the farmhouse on the second floor, near the hackers' rooms.
  • Situs Inversus: Found in the director's office.



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