The Beldingford Butler was a member of the service staff employed by the wealthy land owner Winston Beldingford.


Hitman: Contracts

An elderly man, in his late 50s, who has faithfully served the Beldingford family for most of his life. He has worked at the Beldingford Estate since he was taken off the street by Winston Beldingford father. There he received shelter, food, learned how to behave appropriately in the company of gentry and was trained as the houses butler. [1]

While he was not responsible for kidnapping Giles Northcott, he appears in the mission Beldingford Manor where he will alert Alistair Beldingford to 47s presence if he becomes suspicious.


  • He can be first seen going down to the basement to fill Alistair's whiskey carafe several times. [2]


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