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The Beldingford Manor Guards are henchmen seen guarding the Beldingford Manor in Hitman: Contracts in level Beldingford Manor. [1]

Physical Description

The Beldingford Manor Guards who guard the outdoor areas and stables are usually dressed in brown jackets with turtlenecks underneath, beige pants, brown flat caps and sometimes glasses. They carry Double-barreled Shotguns, though one found on the loft of a stable carries an Enforcer Sniper Rifle. The indoor guards dress similarly except they wear beige sweaters and carry GK17s.

Character Gallery


  • The guards patrolling outside are armed with Double-barreled Shotguns and will not tolerate trespassers.
  • Inside the Stables, there are three outdoor guards watching Pornography.


  1. Hitman: Contracts.

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