Billy Jack was an assassin and courier employed by The Crows, along with working for The Franchise. He was assigned to transport a suitcase containing diamonds to Mark Purayah II's office.


Billy Jack can be found in one of the bars in New Orleans, where he can be seen talking to a fellow crow member and yellow guard bird.

He seems to be working with the group headed by Mark Purayah II, and in conversations that take place, he is ordered to deliver a briefcase full of diamonds that is payment for the execution order on Jimmy Cilley. His successful delivery of the suitcase is tantamount to the mission's success. If 47 intercepts the payment before it's delivered, 47 basically has unlimited time to take out his three targets without having to worry about Angelina Mason giving the kill order, and 47 can exit with the payment briefcase in his possession to add a bonus to his payment for the mission.


He wears a red bird costume and can be seen pausing to smoke several times in the game.



  • Despite being marked as an enemy in the map, he is unarmed and will simply cower if threatened.
  • If alerted to Agent 47's presence, he will run towards Mark Purayah II's office and deliver the briefcase, hastening the Secretary of the Interior's assassination.