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Cassandra Murphy is a character in Hitman: Enemy Within. Also known as "Marla Norton", she is a young female assassin working for Puissance Treize. She was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, and speaks with only a very slight Irish accent. She was 36 at the time of Hitman: Enemy Within. She's described as a good-looking woman with vibrant, bright green eyes.

She failed to assassinate Agent 47 as he infiltrated the biker hideout and now her only hope to avoid punishment from her superiors is to protect Al-Fulani at all costs. While working for him as a bodyguard, she is forced to take part in threesomes involving him and one of the minors he holds captive. She is knocked unconscious during a large gunfight in Chad, after which 47 interrogated and killed al-Fulani. 47 leaves Chad knowing she's alive, though her Puissance Treize superiors threatened to kill her if she failed. It's unknown if they did so after al-Fulani's death or if she managed to escape.

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