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Challenges are side challenges that the player can achieve in Absolution to get score multipliers. These optional goals are listed in 47's notebook. Typically these involve who to eliminate and how, as well as various disguises or tactics to use. How to complete a challenge is not always said in a formal manner.

Some recurring challenges are:

  • Chameleon - Pick up all disguises available in the mission.
  • Evidence Collector - Pick up evidence in the mission.
  • Suit Only - Finish the mission without using any disguises.
  • Infiltrator - Avoid getting spotted in the mission.
  • A challenge for completing the mission is also featured in every mission.
  • A challenge for completing every challenge in the mission.

Two of these, "Suit Only" and "Chameleon", directly conflict with each other and require at least two playthroughs of the level to complete. There are also several ways to eliminate the targets, requiring even more playthroughs to perform all of them. Each mission also has a set of challenges divided into two or three parts which have more or less the same goal, but rises in difficulty each step. The objectives of these challenges are secret in the menu and each part has to be completed in numerical order, so, for example, if the goals for part 2 are finished before those of part 1, it won't be listed as complete.

A level does not have to be completed for challenges to stay unlocked. Once a challenge is completed, the level may be exited or the checkpoint may be restarted. This can be useful to obtain several different challenges relating to different objectives in a single playthrough.

Challenges in Hitman: Absolution

(note challenges can not be completed on easy level)

  1. A Personal Contract
  2. The King of Chinatown
  3. Terminus
  4. Run For Your Life
  5. Hunter and Hunted
  6. Rosewood
  7. Welcome to Hope
  8. Birdie's Gift
  9. Shaving Lenny
  10. Dexter Industries
  11. Death Factory
  12. Fight Night
  13. Attack of the Saints
  14. Skurky's Law
  15. Operation Sledgehammer
  16. Blackwater Park
  17. Countdown
  18. Absolution

Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Hitman: Sniper Challenge uses the same challenge system, but most of the challenges are not related to specific gameplay tactics but to finding objects hidden in the background, such as garden gnomes, rubber ducks and people, including the Mystery Man from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.


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