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Charlie Sidjan's bodyguards consist entirely of women and are an elite force dedicated to the protection of their employer.


There are four of them in total. Two are dressed in black bikinis, one is wearing a red bikini and the fourth a light pink bikini. Each of them is armed with a revolver.


  • Interestingly, the revolvers carried by the bodyguards are not visible on their attire.
  • One of the bodyguards is a skilled piano player, as she can be seen practicing in the main hall. She is heard playing Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca.
  • Two of the black bikini bodyguards have identical models.
  • Outside the mission The Jacuzzi Job, they first appear in a series of posters scattered throughout Basement Killing. Coincidentally, one of the black bikini-clad guards appears in a surveillance video of Masahiro Hayamoto Jr. at the introduction of Tracking Hayamoto, suggesting that they could be East Asian "mercenaries for hire".
  • The bodyguards at the Jacuzzi with Charlie (a blonde, Asian, and brunette) - along with Charlie himself - are a reference to Charlie's Angels.
  • The blonde bodyguard's model was apparently reused for Tatiana Kempinski, an antagonist in Freedom Fighters, a shooter game by IO interactive that used the same engine as Hitman 2.