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The Chemist is a character in the first mission of Hitman: Blood Money, Death of a Showman. The Chemist, upon death or sedation, is found to be carrying a Keycard, which allows you to make your way to the next section of the level. The Chemist will allow you access only across the catwalk and into the room beyond it. He is not allowed to be in the drug labs, and doing so will be met with hostility. 


The Chemist's outfit is only obtainable through the murder or sedation of the Chemist, who rushes into a room previously containing two men gambling and sniffing cocaine who Agent 47 previously killed. The Chemist, upon arriving in the room, will begin to scrape all of the money off the table and into his arms. At this point, you can then appear behind him, killing or sedating him, then take his outfit and Keycard. 


As mentioned above, the Chemist outfit will allow Agent 47 access to the catwalk and the room just beyond it, provided weapons are removed from your person beforehand, as a guard on the catwalk will frisk you before allowing you access to the next room. 


  • Oddly enough, the Chemist is not allowed to access the labs where they are brewing the drugs, despite the fact that he probably assisted them considerably in making it. 
  • When you first see the Chemist, he makes his way into the room where 47 previously dispatched two coke-sniffing guards, and begins scraping the money off the table and into his arms. This indicates that he is either having massive financial troubles or he is fleeing. The latter is unlikely, as he is unarmed and made it through  the catwalk, which is heavily guarded. 

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