The Chipmunk outfit is a disguise in Hitman: Absolution.


"This is the official company mascot of the world-renowned Charlie Chipmunk Hot Sauce brand. Despite being somewhat conspicuous, the costume provides both concealment and bodily protection"


The Chipmunk outfit appears in the following missions:

  • Hunter and Hunted - In the Chinese New Year checkpoint, around the corner by the cop guarding the staircase down.
  • Dexter Industries - In the Factory Compound checkpoint.


  • The Chipmunk outfit is the only secret disguise that can be found in more than one mission.
  • On normal, hard, professional, and purist difficulties, the chipmunk costume is recognized as hostile by all enemies.
  • Ocassionally, enemies can be found playing a video game (most notably shortly after entering Old Mill) that seems like a parody of Mortal Kombat. Upon closer observation, one can see that Player One is Charlie the Chipmunk. A high-pitched voice is also audible.

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