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Corky the Clown (real name Max Feister) is an alcoholic clown that appears in the mission A New Life in Hitman: Blood Money.


Corky, once hired for parties, arrives early in his colourful van with a box in the back, concealing his alcohol. He is hired by Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra for his youngest childs birthday party, whilst he is in the witness protection program.

Corky regularly performed small tricks to bystanders and took short breaks where he would retreat to his van for a drink. Agent 47 was sent to kill Vinnie, and has the opportunity to either kill or sedate Corky and hide his body in his van in order to infiltrate the ground floor of Vinnie's house and his back garden.


He wears clown makeup, a clown nose and a red wig, along with a red polkadot shirt, black trousers with suspenders, white gloves, rainbow socks and clown shoes.


He drinks whenever he is near his van, and also carries a flask with him for when he can't get to his van. He likes to perform tricks for bystanders (including Agent 47), and the FBI agents. He also likes to laugh loudly while walking around the house.

Corky also attempts impressions of historical figures, like Margaret Thatcher and Fidel Castro.


  • If 47 is disguised as Corky, Vinnie's wife will ask him to follow her to her bedroom, giving an opportunity to steal her necklace. Strangely enough, she is never seen doing the same with the real Corky.


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