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The Crowbar is a melee weapon found in Hitman: Absolution and HITMAN™.


"A carbon-steel crowbar."

The crowbar can be used to attack targets head-on, swinging it into their heads, or it may be used from behind on an unsuspecting target to strangle them. Alternatively, it may be thrown and used as a distraction. In HITMAN™ the crowbar can also be used to open locked doors or to make other "accidents" happen.


Hitman: Absolution

  • Shaving Lenny - On two metal drums and a crate in the scrapyard near the fence to the garage.
  • Fight Night - In the arena, on a cardboard box in the middle of the room beyond the leftmost bar.
  • Attack of the Saints - Reception; Enter the vent, out the door, straight ahead on some tires, close to the exit.
  • Countdown - In the corner of the minefield, near the helipad


  • Freeform Training: Behind a locked door on the docks near the starting point. Players are instructed to pick this crowbar up in guided training.
  • The Final Test: Atop a small crate near the starting point, next to the climbable chainlink fence.


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