Darren Shipley, a.k.a. "Cromwell", was a character in Hitman: Damnation.


Darren was the sister of Dana Shipley (later Linder), who later became a U.S. Senator. Their parents were Eric and Wendy Shipley, both of whom had contact with Charlie Wilkins, a fast food entrepreneur/religious leader. In adulthood, while Dana entered politics, Darren enlisted in the U.S. Marines and served in Iraq. A few years prior to Damnation, he took part in an intended attack on what his commanding officer thought was an al-Qaeda hideout, though Darren knew it was just a daycare center. As they were about to fire, he saw a woman in one of the windows and went in alone and found that it wasn't a hideout, like he thought. Even though his commander and the other soldiers knew he was in there, they bombarded the building with incendiary rounds, killing every civilian inside. Darren, however, survived the bombing and managed to escape, though he lost his right arm and injured a leg and his face. He was presumed dead even though his body wasn't found, so, filled with a desire for vengeance against America, he went into hiding, had plastic surgery done to restore his face, had his arm replaced with a prostethic and recruited other dissatisfied Americans to form what he called the "New Model Army", an anti-government terrorist group. He adopted the alias "Cromwell" after Oliver Cromwell, who led the Parliamentarian army known as the New Model Army during the English Civil War (1642–1651). Over time, the group carried out bombings and attacks on government buildings.

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