David Sakurai was a Japanese actor who provided his voice for various characters in Hitman: Absolution.


Sakurai was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the age of 18, he moved to Japan where he received his theatrical training. Over the next 8 years, he honed his skills in the indie film scene in Tokyo.

After relocating back to Denmark in 2008, Sakurai proved himself a strong, versatile actor having been cast in a variety of drama, comedy, and action.

Having a desire to not only penetrate the Danish market and industry, he set his sights on creating work with international appeal. In 2009, Sakurai took upon the heavy task of writing, producing, acting, and directing his first feature film, Ud Af Moerket (Through Darkness).

After completing Ud Af Moerket (Through Darkness), he played the lead role in post-apocalyptic action drama "Eastern Army" which was released in 2010. David's work in Eastern Army earned him a best actor award at the Danish Movie Battle Festival, and a Breakout Action Star Award at The 2010 AOF International Filmfestival in Los Angeles.

Hitman works


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