Death of a Showman is the first mission in Hitman: Blood Money. It serves as a training mission, to introduce players to new mechanics and gameplay styles introduced into Hitman: Blood Money.



Death of a Showman takes place at sunny Southland Amusement Park. The park was invaded by Scoop's gang, with Joseph Clarence sitting at the back. The level was made to show off the new mechanics and game-play styles of Hitman: Blood Money as to that of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin or Hitman: Contracts.

Mission Information


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"Welcome to the states, 47.

This should be a straightforward operation. We need you to penetrate an abandoned amusement park, locate the owner and take him out. The target, is a Joseph Clarence, also known as "Swing King".

An accident involving one of the rides at the park a few years back forced him to close it down. Our client has made a special request that the photograph you have in your possession be the "last thing the target sees." Mr. Clarence has some how become involved in a narcotics distribution ring, so the park may still have some amusements.

Enjoy the ride, 47.

Diana Burnwood


  1. Kill Joseph Clarence.
  2. Escape.



  • SLP .40 - Carried by almost every guard.
  • Desert Eagle - Carried by Scoop. Also found in his room.
  • Shotgun - Found before the room with the two guards playing Poker.
  • TMP - In the bathroom where Agent 47 takes a human shield and carried by a few guards.
  • Dragunov SVD - In the vantage point where Agent 47 snipes three guards and on two of those guards.





  • Death of a Showman was released prior to Blood Money's release, as a demo for the game.
  • There is a hidden TMP in the courtyard where Agent 47 uses a coin to distract two guards. It can be picked up on the pile of rubble near the railing when Agent 47 stands on the flat cardboard box.
  • After completing the mission, the newspaper Mark Parchezzi III reads says Silent Assassin regardless of the players actual rank.
  • Notoriety isn't in effect in this mission.
  • Upon entering the room where the gangster sets Andrew Chiseler on fire, the mask on the wall represents Anthony Martinez's perfectly.
  • At one point where Clarence is talking to his wife, he refers to Scoop as "Spook". Either this is an error in the script, or intentionally used as a racial term.
  • Though both marked as ICA pickup boxes in the map screen, stored weapons will only be added to the Hideout if you store them in the ICA box located before Scoop's room, where you find the RU-AP Mine.
  • In the room with the two card playing gangsters there is a radio playing a song that is made up of quotes from the gangsters in the level.
  • If the player waits long enough upon reaching Scoop's room, Scoop will execute the guard for failing to stop Agent 47 from entering the grounds.
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