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Suburbs title

The Del Mar Suburb is a quiet suburb located in San Diego, California, USA. It was the place where the late Vinnie Sinistra inhabited as a part of his Witness Protection programme, by the FBI.


Vinnie Sinistra was killed by 47 while under the FBI witness protection program. His wife's necklace concealed a microfilm obtained by 47.


There is a street where many residents of this metropolitan region work within the central urban area, choosing to live in satellite communities and commute to work via automobile or mass transit. There are many houses but only two can be accessed by 47. Others have taken advantage of technological advances to work from their homes, and chose to do so in an environment they consider more pleasant than the city. There is a FBI van, catering van, Corky The Clown's van and a garbage truck. Vinnie's house has 2 floors and a basement.


  • Vinnie Sinistra
  • Mrs. Sinistra
  • The Sinistra Children (Unseen, despite the party, presumably so they couldn't be killed by the player)
  • Corky the Clown (Visiting only, due to the party)
  • Poolboy
  • Jogger
  • Two female neighbours
  • Vetenarian (doesn't appear, only reference is house)


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