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It is possible to disguise as a biker in Deadly Cargo.

47 disguised as a biker

Disguises are a vital part of gameplay in the Hitman series.


In all six Hitman games released so far, Agent 47 can disguise himself as an authoritive figure of an incapacitated or dead NPC's body. In some cases, disguises can be found throughout the level individually.  When he takes one, the clothes he is wearing at the time are left behind. Depending on the prestige of the disguise, he can be granted access to various  areas that would otherwise be prohibited for entry. This allows him access to certain actions otherwise not possible (such as performing the wedding ceremony in Till Death Do Us Part) and carrying visible weapons relevant to the disguise. In Absolution, certain disguises can also be used to hide at safe spots.

Most disguises available in the games are of common bystanders such as workers or guards. Taking them allows 47 to blend in with them and go by more or less unnoticed, unless (in most games) he stays too close to them for too long, at which point guards will see through it and become alarmed. While guards aren't as observant in Codename 47 and Blood Money, it has been so in the other games. In Absolution, guards are able to see through 47's disguises if he is dressed like them, though he can cover his face to sneak past them at the cost of Instinct. If the disguise is seen through, it doesn't instantly mean 47's cover is blown, but it means the player has to walk out of view before the guard catches on.

Some disguises can also allow 47 to impersonate specific NPCs in the mission, even targets such as Fabian Fuchs and Hendrik Schmutz, allowing him access to other targets.

Certain disguises have additional physical abilities, such as the SWAT disguises, which improve Body Armor, the radiation suit in The Bjarkhov Bomb, which protects against radiation and the swimming trunks in Traditions of the Trade, which prevents carrying too many weapons.

A few missions in the series also do not feature any disguises, such as Kowloon Triads in Gang War and Requiem. This is usually for story reasons.

In Blood Money, 47 gets penalized on difficulties over Rookie if he leaves his original suit behind in the level when exiting. On most levels this is easy enough if the starting point is in the same place as the exit, but on others, such as A Vintage Year, the exit is more heavily guarded and/or in a restricted area and requires some stealth to access.


King of ChinaTown 47 disguise

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