The Elephant Rifle is a powerful sniper rifle that appears in Hitman: Blood Money.


It is an extremely powerful weapon, yet also very loud. It will usually take down a guard in one well placed shot, as with most snipers. Although it is very powerful, the scope is quite weak with low magnification, being able to zoom in one more level, and the field of the vision is still too small to be effective at long ranges. It is not as accurate as most sniper rifles in the game, but still provides a powerful long range shot. With its semi-automatic feature and extreme firepower, this is a decent rifle for ranged targets.


Hitman: Blood Money



  • If you are wearing a guards uniform, you will be able to hold this gun and still maintain your disguise.
  • Like the SG552 and the Kazo TRG from the mission The Murder of Crows, the rifle appears in only one mission, and it is one of the hardest weapons to find in-game.
  • A picture of a woman can be seen in the receiver when examined in the pre-mission menu.

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