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Emilio Vittorio, also known as Padre Vittorio or just Padre is a Sicilian Catholic priest and was a mentor and friend of Agent 47 when he decided to discontinue life as a hitman and retired from the International Contract Agency in search for peace.


Vittorio is a silent man who is very kind and forgiving. As he is seen to forgive 47's sins and even request him to follow the right path even when Sergei was killed in front of him.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Vittorio was a local Sicilian priest who lives a quiet life tending to the needs of his congregation, however, Sergei Zavorotko had the Sicilian Mafia to kidnap Vittorio. Following the kidnapping, 47 was forced to work again for the Agency under the orders of Diana Burnwood.

Diana provided intel of Giuseppe Guillani's mansion, where Vittorio is suspected to be held hostage in the interrogation room in the basement. 47 infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Gulliani but he couldn't find Vittorio. Diana tells 47 that a recent satellite footage suggests a man like a priest has been dragged out of Gulliani's mansion.

47 had to do more contracts for the Agency to get more intel on Vittorio. However, eventually he dropped his search for Vittorio, believing him to be dead.

Later, he learned that all the previous contracts were the men who were involved in a transaction of a nuclear warhead purchased from the black market by Sergei and that Sergei was the one who gave those contracts too. After Sergei attempted to have Mr. 17 assassinate 47, 47 finds out that Sergei has Vittorio hostage at the church.

47 killed all the henchmen of Sergei who were patrolling the church and also killed Sergei. Vittorio gave 47 a rosary necklace before he leaves to try to influence him to live a life of good and peace. As 47 realizes that he can't find inner peace, 47 leaves the rosary behind at the church and narrates that he can never retire in safety and must return to his life as an assassin.

Hitman: Enemy Within

Vittorio, still trying to influence 47 out of his violent lifestyle, appears again in Hitman: Enemy Within when 47 takes in a group of orphans he saved from human trafficking. 



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