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"Lenny has disclosed Victoria's position. I should deal with him once and for all. Yet there is little honor in preying on the weak. Whatever his fate should be, I need to decide now. The clock is ticking."
―Mission description.[src]
End of the Road
End of the Road
In-game information
Targets: Lenny Dexter (optional)
VIPs: None
Location: Desert, USA
Chronological information
Preceded by: Shaving Lenny
Succeeded by: Dexter Industries
Real-world information
Game: Hitman: Absolution
Small Hitman Emblem There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

End of the Road is the tenth mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of a single segment, The Desert.

Mission InformationEdit

In the previous mission, Agent 47 kidnapped Lenny "The Limp" Dexter, son of antagonist, Blake Dexter. The scene begins with Lenny digging a hole in the middle of the desert, with 47 leaning against his car eating an apple, questioning Lenny about Victoria's location. Once Lenny gives up the information, 47 tosses the apple and instructs him to start walking.

47 has a variety of ways to take Lenny out. But driving off and leaving Lenny alive will earn you an achievement/trophy - titled "Not Worth It" - with the additional bonus of listening to dialogue from Lenny.



Melee WeaponsEdit

  • Baseball Bat - 47 starts with it.
  • Bong - Sitting on a marked grave out past the wagon, and to the left a ways.
  • Dog's Bone - Inside the hole Lenny Dexter digs.
  • Fire Poker - Under some rubble towards the front of the wagon.
  • Tomahawk - Stuck in the side of the tree where 2 vultures are perched.
  • Wrench - Laying between some rocks which lie between the wagon and the hole Lenny Dexter digs.


  • After the cutscene is finished, if you turn to your right, you can see the half-eaten apple that 47 tossed aside. Walking over it will cause 47 to kick it and it will roll around.
  • Lenny's dialogue often proves humorous and somewhat upsetting, as he begs for his life. He'll also offer to give 47 "a real good reach-around" in exchange for sparing his life. This dialogue may hint at Lenny being homosexual, which would explain why he's treated as the black sheep and the "limp dick" in the Dexter family. This dialogue is one of many homosexual comments and jokes inside Absolution.
  • If you take cover, Lenny will pull out his gun and fire wildly, as long as you take cover, you should be fine. After he fired 2 rounds, you can approach him and he will drop the gun. If you missed this opportunity, simply kill Lenny and his gun will drop.
  • Point a different gun at him (or a melee weapon) and he will have a different dialog to beg for his life.
  • If Lenny makes it to the car, he will attempt to drive away. However, the car doors are locked, which prevents him from escaping.
  • End of the Road is the only mission in Absolution without any disguises and one of the two missions besides One of a Kind that doesn't have any technical achievements.
  • If all five of the vultures in the level are shot to death (while flying in the air, not when perched) an Ice Cream Truck will speed into the area and run over Lenny, this is probably an easter egg. The Ice Cream Truck is identical to the one in prologue mission.
  • Even if you leave Lenny to his fate, it is quite unlikely that he survives, according to the bonus conversation after the level. In addition, guard dialogue in the Penthouse area of Blackwater Park confirms that Lenny never returned from the desert.
  • If you manage to kill yourself on this level by shooting the dynamites while standing near it before killing Lenny, it will show a small cutscene of Lenny claiming that he killed the hitman. You can also kill yourself by standing in front of the Ice Cream Truck that hits Lenny after you kill all vultures. 



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Hitman Absolution - End of the Road


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