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The Engineer is one of the people working aboard Skip Muldoon's steamship Betty in the mission Death on the Mississippi in Blood Money . The Engineer serves no real service as it will only get you into the lower priority Staff Only area, the engineering deck and the areas completely unrestricted. The Engineer and indeed the Engineer outfit only appear in the aforementioned mission. 


The Engineer outfit appears only in Death on the Mississippi, and only on one of the three Engineers working and hanging out either on the engineering deck, at the back of the ship or in the Staff Only area above the engineering deck. The Engineer outfit is one of the harder outfits to obtain in this level due to the fact that it is the only outfit in the mission that cannot be found lying around, but an Engineer instead needs to be knocked out to obtain the outfit. 


The Engineer outfit serves no purpose apart from initial access to the Staff Only areas above and nearby the engineering deck on the lower half of the ship. It makes it easier to obtain the Purser outfit, though the Sailor outfit will allow you to access the same amount of, if not more, areas, and is easier to obtain than most other outfits in the game. Engineers can carry a shovel without suspicion, but it is not recommended for a Silent Assassin rating, as a shovel is a lethal weapon, and if you don't get an immediate kill, the victim will either draw a weapon and fire or alert guards before you can finish the job. 

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