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"According to Eve's file, she likens herself to a spider. Luring her target into her web, from where she will move in for the kill..."
Intel on Eve, described by the ICA through the Agency Laptop[src]

Eve is one of the assassins of The Franchise who was sent in to the Shark Club to eliminate Agent 47.


Hitman: Blood Money

She is an Assassin sent by The Franchise to kill 47 at the Shark Club in Las Vegas, and is masquerading as the singer onstage at the Heaven party on the top floor. She is not initially marked as a target at the beginning of the level, and is only revealed to be a rival assassin when 47 retrieves the intel from her laptop, at which point her map marker changes from that of a civilian to that of a target. However, various hints are present in the level to suggest the singer onstage isn't who she seems.


Eve wears the same revealing angel costume as the majority of other female party goers in Club Heaven, the only difference being that she does not wear the mask. Her hair is tied up into two buns and she has emerald green eyes. The bartender at the party can be overheard commenting on her physical appearance and telling 47 she is very attractive.


Eve is depicted as both a chameleon and a seductress, using disguises to blend into her environment and her good looks to seduce her targets. She is also shown to have an incredibly violent streak. If Eve corners Agent 47 in her private room, a cutscene will play in which she takes immense pleasure in killing him, laughing gleefully as she flamboyantly and repeatedly stabs his dead body with a stilleto.

She can be overheard updating her employers on the status of her mission, and demands extra money for having to sing. The bartender in Club Heaven will also tell 47 that the original singer had a fatal "accident", implying that Eve killed her.



  • If 47 is already in her room and Eve has just finished singing, she will sprint through the party back to her room in an attempt to catch him off-guard. This can be seen on the map.
  • If Eve spots 47 during the mission, she will approach him and invite him to follow her to a private room. Once there, a cutscene plays in which she stabs him to death. If the player keeps at a safe distance, she will begin to cartwheel around the room and throw stiletto knives at 47, or use her Desert Eagle if she is fired upon.
  • After the mission A House of Cards, an advertisment for the Heaven and Hell party can be seen in the corner of the post mission newspaper that shows both Eve and Maynard John.
  • IO Interactive animator Barbara Bernad recorded the off-key vocal performance for the song Eve sings, which is 'Tomorrow Never Dies', originally performed by Swan Lee.
  • It is possible to kill Eve without drawing out your weapon. Eve will throw her stiletto at you if you are far away from her, pick it up and avoid her attack until she starts to play her stiletto, now aim and throw yours to her head, this method is quite difficult for those are not used to the melee weapon in Hitman games, but it is very quiet and will not attract anyone nearby.
  • On the Professional difficulty level, both Eve and Maynard John will be marked as civilians on the map. This appears to be an oversight by the developers, as only targets and VIPs are supposed to be visible on Professional.
  • Eve appears on a calendar in Hitman: Absolution in the mission One of a Kind. The same calendar can also be seen in the Vixen Club during Hunter and Hunted, and in the Panic Room during Blackwater Park.
  • You can finish the objective and kill Eve without her ever interacting with 47 by sniping her in a headshot from the catwalks above the stage. If you move quick enough and wait until you are alone, the bodyguards around the catwalks will never see it, and when they come running, if you've put distance between the location and 47 without leaving a weapon behind, nobody will ever know what happened and there will be no notoriety gain. This is easiest done when she has not yet been introduced as an important objective, as she will leave 47 alone.
  • If one tries to gun down Eve in the office and either you don't have a silencer or Eve returns fire, NPC's will come running and attempt to kill you despite Eve also being present with a weapon. Since Eve's gun does not have a silencer, it is recommended to kill her fast without drawing attention unless you plan to fight several guards.
  • If you follow Eve into the office after she invites you and she pulls out her stiletto before you can kill her, you are dead -- even if you manage to kill her before the cutscene with her knifing 47 to death appears.

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