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The fake-death serum is an item featured in Hitman: Blood Money.

It is used twice during the duration of the game, during the missions Flatline and Requiem.


47 starts the mission with the fake-death serum already in his inventory. During the mission Flatline, Agent 47 used it to get Agent Smith out of the rehabilitation center where he's being held due to the fact that the clinic will only release patients who are sober or dead, and the clinic had specifically been keeping Smith drunk to keep from having to release him.

While Agent Smith is in his deathlike state, he's brought to a non-guarded morgue by a medical worker, where Agent 47 can revive him using the antidote. This is the only instance of the fake-death serum in gameplay, though, it can only be used on Agent Smith.


During the mission Requiem, Agent 47 cannot use the fake-death serum. In fact, the serum is used on Agent 47 by Diana in the opening movie sequence of the mission, in order to gain the trust of the former FBI director, Alexander Leland Cayne, who has been chasing Agent 47 around the world.

After Cayne gained 47's bone marrow, he prepared a cremation to prevent anyone else to gain it. However, Diana revives Agent 47 through an antidote-laced kiss, thus waking him up, so he can assassinate the ones attending the cremation, thereby securing 47's identity and saving the Agency. Note that the instance of the fake-death serum in this mission is only for story purposes, as it does not appear in 47's inventory.

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