This page lists the challenges in Freeform Training from the 2016 HITMAN™.


No assassination challenges available.


Name Description
Not for Human Consumption

Poison the target with rat poison.

Over Here...

Distract a guard using a generator.

Spare Change

Throw a coin to cause a distraction.

The Private Meeting
  • Disguise yourself as Norfolk.
  • Meet with the target.
Classic Hitman

Assassinate the target with the fiber wire.


Assassinate Kalvin Ritter by drowning him.

Security Bypassed

Board the yacht disguised as a security guard.

Join the Crew

Find the yacht crew disguise in the cabin on Deck 0.

Something Out of Place

Place a weapon and have a guard find it.

Pay that Stuntman a Bonus!

Assassinate the target with remote explosives.

Store Securely

Find the rat poison on deck 0.

The Cleaner

Hide the target in a closet.

Only Use in Emergency Situations

Assassinate the target in a liferaft accident.


No discovery challenges available.

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