Kalvin Ritter

No Knockouts


Kalvin Ritter

Once you begin, pick up the lockpick on the crates in front of you. Proceed toward the right where there are three security guards. Walk past them toward the piles of crates by the fence near the yacht. Go around the right side of the crates to find a locked gate. Pick it with the lockpick, follow the walkway around to the left, then go through the door in front of you. Proceed to the door on the other side of the shelf, and keep an eye on the guard patrolling the hallway. Once he's moved from the right side and past the door, you can slip past him and continue down the hallway on the right. Go through the first door on the right, and you'll see a Yacht Crew disguise sitting on the floor by a chair.

Put it on, and then go out the door closest to where you got the disguise. Proceed to the right, then right again, where you'll find a box of Emetic Rat Poison sitting atop some planks. Take it, and go back down the hallway toward the guard. Take care, as the guard can see through this disguise. Once he's moved to the other hallway again (where the worker is painting), go up the staircase on your left (if you're facing the backroom where you entered the yacht).

Go up, then proceed right, and up another flight of stairs. From there, proceed to the rear of yacht where there is a bar and several party guests.

Locate the glass of wine on a small table nearby, and spike it with the rat poison if Kalvin Ritter is not nearby. If he is nearby, wait for him to approach the railing and engage in conversation with his female partner before spiking the drink, as Ritter can see through your disguise. Others will not be suspicious of this. Once that's done, you can either blend in at the bar and wait, or simply head straight for the bathroom, which is located to the right once you go through the doorway near where the two security guards are standing.

As you enter the bathroom, hide in the closet and wait for Ritter. He will soon enter to vomit, where you can either drown him or use the fiber wire. Hide his body in the closet afterwards.


Now you're free to either leave upstairs where there is a (makeshift) Helicopter, or you may retrace your steps back downstairs to retrieve your suit, and escape via the Jetski docked at the back of the yacht (near the walkway), or at the Car located at the starting point.

Congratulations, training is over. The final test awaits.

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