The Fusil G2 is an assault rifle found on many bodyguards in HITMAN™.

It is very similar to the Fusil G1-4, the older version of this rifle.


"A French-made assault rifle. Fully automatic."

The G2 is a very popular weapon for many bodyguards seen in HITMAN™. Mostly, it can be seen carried by bodyguards, while soldiers prefer the military version of the rifle, the Fusil G1-4.


The Showstopper

  • Carried by some CICADA bodyguards. Others carry the HX-10 instead.
  • Several can be found lying around in the CICADA base on the attic

A Gilded Cage

  • Several can be found in the weapon stockroom in the abandoned school.
  • Carried by some soldiers in front of the consulate.

Freedom Fighters

  • Carried by some militia members.
  • Can be found on a table near the greenhouse.



  • "Fusil" is French for "rifle", which suggests the Fusil line of rifles are from France.

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