Gabriel Santos (also known as "The Chef") was an Elusive Target who appeared in the mission The Showstopper November 18th-November 25th.


Gabriel Santos is a celebrity super chef who travels the world with a live-streamed food-and-lifestyle program. He is infamously demanding and capricious and has driven staff to mental breakdowns many times in the past.

A native of Buenos Aires, "Gabe" Santos is a highly skilled chef and has built himself into a major media figure. This cult of personality ensures that no matter how poorly he treats the staff on his team, he can get away with it. To date, physical attacks, beatings and at least two separate (and live-streamed) assaults with a bladed meat tenderizer have only added to his status as the ultimate bad boy chef.

He is known to be very fond of Beluga caviar.


  • He has criticised Wen Ts'ai, a food criric and an elusive target.
  • If 47 get rid all of the target's entourages, the target will go to the security room in the basement and stay there all the time.